House Keeping Operations Responsibility Cycle

  • Housekeeping Facilities Head: He looks into overall training and development plan, Cost Controlling and Escalations.
  • Site in-charge (Assistant Manager role): He is the owner of complete site housekeeping operation, generally we deploy 2 to 3 site in-charge as per the size of sites operation. He has to give daily reports to House Keeping facilities Head including attendance to HR Department, conduct grooming checks, operational on site training, product stock taking, rostering, monthly staff quality checks and team allocations.
  • Shift Supervisor: He handles operations on floor, allocating manpower, Daily Briefing, monitoring daily cleaning and maintenance checks, shift hand over log and incident reports are submitted by him to Site in-charge.

Training Processes

  • Housekeeping Facilities Head: He looks in to overall Training and development plan.
  • Site in-charge (Assistant Manager role): Submits Training plan to Housekeeping Facilities Head for review. Conducts all Site Specific training and Mandatory Trainings.
  • Shift Supervisor: Operational training plans are submitted by him to Site in-charge.

Trainings Schedule

  • Housekeeping Operations training every 3 months by Site in-charge and Housekeeping Head.
  • Communication and Behavioral training every 6 months by Talent and Culture Head.
  • Site Specific operational training every week by shift supervisor.

Operational trainings as per Occupational Safety and Health Administration

  • We do carry out regular training for all our team members. These trainings are designed towards increasing the efficiency & knowledge base of various members of our team.

  • The outlines of these training are:

       1.  Chemistry of cleaning

        2.  Hard floor cleaning

        3.  Carpet care program

        4.  Rest room cleaning

        5.  Odor control

        6.  Housekeeping machines, equipment, accessories etc.

        7.  Good housekeeping practices

  • We also train our team members regularly on OSHA guideline and safe practices.
  • We ensure to constantly groom our team leaders/ janitors on the following soft skills-
    1. Hygiene understanding
    2. English speaking
    3. Communication skills
    4. Formal Dressing
    5. Behavioral manners, etc.

Scheduled Services

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).

A professional management of a property / site requires a thoroughly detailed operating plan.

  • These broad procedural guidelines are –

         1. Standard operating procedures (SOP’s), &

         2. Quality operating procedures (QOP’s).


We would be using procedures set as per international standards and exhaustive quality processes would ensure deliverance of agreed quality.

  • Some of the formats are mentioned below —     

        1. Daily job allocation chart

        2. Daily cleaning schedules

        3. Weekly cleaning schedules

        4. Quality audit checklist

        5. Client satisfaction surveys

        6. Toilet cleaning schedules

Cut time spent vacuuming

Reduce vacuuming by uc 70%

Manual walk behind sweeper for small outdoor or indoor areas

Key features

40 L Capacity

47 Cm brush

13 Kg total weight

Key benefits

Light weight and height

Needs no power or batteries Can be used indoors or outdoors even in wet conditions Ideal for entrances and building perimeters

The Karcher K 3.450 is ideally suited to regular cleaning tasks tackling moderate to heavy dirt such as on vehicles and medium-sized surfaces around the house. The pressure washer has a compact design and is especially long-lasting thanks to its induction motor. The full panel covering made of impact-resistant plastic protects the drive and pump unit from dirt and damage. 

Karcher FP 303 EU Floor Cleaner is a premium quality product from Karcher

The swingo 150 is your first step into mechanized cleaning.
An ultra compact upright scrubber drier for spot cleaning and small spaces.

Key Features

2.6L tank capacity

33cm working width Roller brush system Electric or Li-ion battery option

Key Benefits

Lightweight, compact design for easy operation High mechanical roller scrubbing action Cleans and picks up water forwards and backwards Small footprint for easy storage Electric or cable free Li-ton battery models.

Cleaning Products and Brands that we use at USafe

Sustainable cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions to help keep your business, and the world, in good health is our goal, hence we ensure to use best of cleaning products from leading companies.

Quality Chemicals and Equipments

  • We use natural, non-toxic, safe and effective cleaning products. 
  • We tailor our services to our clients need and requirements so you only pay for the services that you need for your office building.
  • We offer a large range of ancillary specialist cleaning services including carpet cleaning and window cleaning.
  • All SIS team members are required to perform Al security checks as standard procedure so you know you’re dealing with people you can trust.
  • We offer maintenance for Al office types with daytime or after hours cleaning available depending on your preference.
  • Our Integrated Management System allows clients to monitor their Lousiness site activity remotely and assists with regulatory compliance reporting. 
  • We can reduce the carbon footprint of your office building.
  • We believe that everyone is entitled to a clean, safe and healthy working environment. We clean because we care.

Guidelines For Disinfection of Quarantine Facility (for COVID-19) Click Here For PDF

Our Clients

USafe is proud to have an impressive clientele in various sectors including business process outsourcing, retail, healthcare, infrastructure, IT, banking, diplomatic missions & embassies, residential, hospitality, communication, and aviation.

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